What is Battle of the Books?

Battle of the Books (BotB) is a reading incentive program similar to a game of Jeopardy for 4th and 5th graders. This fun reading program will encourage students to broaden their reading interest, increase reading comprehension, read quality selected books, and promote teamwork.

Interested 4-5 grade students will read the required list of 16 books, participate in teams of fours, and collaborate on comprehension questions. Students are encouraged to read as many or all of the selected titles.

In March the competition begins. Teams will compete to see which team best recalls information from the required books. Each grade level will have a preliminary competition. At the end of this round, each grade level will be represented by a team.

The final teams representing 4th and 5th will then compete to determine which team will represent Hazelwood Elementary at our annual district-wide BotB competition in April.

Battle of the Books Hazelwood team 2019

RSD BotB Champs! Fierce French Fries: Alyssa T. Brecken H. Hannah S. Katie C.

Battle of the Books Winning Tee Shirt Design

RSD Battle of the Books Winning T-Shirt Design by Sara Marti