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Parking Lot Speed Limit: 5 MPH ALL TIMES.

Please adhere to the following rules at all times for the safety of our students! Your cooperation is essential and appreciated. Please bring patience and courtesy with you!

Please use your assigned bus route service if possible; there is very limited parking and the parking lot is very congested.

Approaching Hazelwood parking lot, there are 2 traffic lanes. The right side lane is for waiting to drop-off/pick-up. Please be courteous to others wanting to park in the designated stalls, which may mean for you to back up or pull forward. Do not block the left lane. That is an open lane for cars to drive through.

Handicap parking spaces are for our friends with valid permits only. NO pulling in to park and run out to pick up or drop your kids due to long traffic lines or late for work etc.

DOUBLE PARKING is not allowed!

Children must exit and enter cars on the curbside when dropping off or picking up.

In the morning, students need to arrive between 8:15 and 8:30. There is no supervision prior to 8:15. Children may not be dropped off before this time. Friday is late start, earliest to arrive is 9:45.

Students are to enter the front doors by the Commons and proceed through the breezeway out to the playground. Drop off only in designated area, do not drop off or pickup in front of the main office doors.

If you are picking up your child by car after school, the line starts forming around 2:45. Please do not allow or encourage your child to walk to meet you at your car, unless you are in the designated drop-off or pick-up area.

Kindergarten parents may park in the parking stalls and walk to the front doors by the office to pick up their child.

Grade 1-5 parent pickup is at the front doors near the Commons. Parents must park in a designated parking spot before walking to meet their student. Students will need to stand behind the yellow line in front of the Commons area for safety until their ride has come to a full stop.